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Why SCS?



  1. A complete range.
  2. Professional assistance.
  3. Fast deliveries.
  4. Value for money.


A complete range:

We offer an extensive product range of about 2.000 items of well known brands. They include:

    1. Imaging & Printing equipment and supplies.
    2. Data Storage.
    3. Networking products.
    4. Servers, Personal Computers and Laptops.
    5. Original Software.

Professional assistance:

In order to bring you the best advice and support possible, we make sure that all our employees are regularly trained and certified by the vendors on the products we sell.


Fast deliveries:   

Our objective is to provide peace of mind to our customers, and let them concentrate on their core business, while we worry about product availability and stocking. We make sure that all orders received from customers are delivered within 24 hours.


Value for money:

SCS offers the best value for money for all its product range. We make sure that our customers get the best possible service and the best possible prices. SCS constantly looks for ways to save money in order to pass those savings to its customers.



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